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10th Japan Open International Woodball Championship 2011 Post date: 2011-08-11
.Date : 30 Sep. - 4 Oct. 2011
.Host : Japan Woodball Federation
.Venue :
Azuma Sport Park, Fukushima, Japan
Events Details :

The 10th Japan Open International Woodball Championship 2011 Guidelines


1. Object

To promote the good fellowship among the Woodball friends in World countries. To raise the standard and enthusiasm of Woodball sport.


2. Hosted by

Japan Woodball Federation


3. Organized by

Fukushima Woodball Association


4. Date

30th September 4th October 2011


5. Venue

Azuma Sport Park , Fukushima , Japan


6. Competition Event

①Team Event : Men & Ladies Team Event

  ②Single Event : Men & Ladies Single Event


7. Registration

All countries are required to submit their registration form for Single and Team event. 8 persons are allowed to register as a Team comprising captain, coach, team manager. 6 players are allowed to participate in the event. Result of best 4 players is the Team Result. The score of individual is the Single Result. All forms must be reached before 12th September 2011 at

     Fukushima Woodball Association (ARAYA)

     Fukushima University , Fukushima-shi Kanayagawa 1      960-1296 Japan

     Tel & Fax : +81-24-548-8280    E-mail : araya@ads.fukushima-u.ac.jp


8. Method of Competition

    ①Rules & Regulations : The International Woodball Federation established in 1st January 2009 shall be applied.

②Equipment : Only certified conformed standard equipment are allowed to use in competition.

③All Team & Single Event players are required to complete 36 gates.

④Total score of 36 gates played will represent the player result. Players with the lowest score will be the winner. ‘Count Back’ rules will apply for same score played.

⑤Team event comprising 4 to 6 players, result of best 4 players will be team winner. If it is the same total score, the lowest score player of the team is the winner. If it is the same the second lowest score player will be the winner.


9. Prize & Awards

①The first 3 winning Team (Men & Ladies Event) shall be awards. The first 6 winning individual players in the Single Event (Men & Ladies Event) shall be awards.

②Gate in One shall be awards.


10. Objection

①If any protest, an official complaint must be lodged within 30 minutes after the game.

②Letter of protest must be signed by Coach.


11. Fee

①Registration Fee       Japanese YEN 1.500 (per person)

②Entry Fee                     Japanese YEN 3.500 (per person)

③Including of Accommodation, Meals (3 dinner and 4 breakfast, 3 lunch),

                            Transportation, Party Fee, Tour Fee

  5D/4N    TWN             Japanese YEN 70.000 (per person)   



Stay in Fukushima Decision Hotel Sun Rout Plaza Fukushima

    30 Sep. 1 2 Oct.      Fukushima-shi Ohmachi 7-11      960-8041 JAPAN

                        Tel : +81-24-525-2211   Fax : +81-24-525-2219

                         URL : http://www.sunroutehotel.jp/plaza-fukushima/

  Stay in Tokyo Plan Pearl Hotel Ryogoku

    3 Oct.            Tokyo -to Sumida-ku Yokozuna 1-2-24       130-0015 JAPAN

                                Tel : +81-3-3625-8080    Fax : +81-3-3626-2080
                                    URL http://www.pearlhotels.jp/ryogoku/



      We pick up you at Narita Airport by BUS.


12.Other Matters

①Flight No.

  Please show me your flight No, Day and Time.   Arrival and Departure in Narita.

  ②All participants are required to submit 1 passport size photo (with name written at the back).


International Participants Program Schedule


 Date                                      Time                                     Activity                                     Tour


30th Sep.                                                                Arrival in Narita

 2011                                   Afternoon                          Arrival in Fukushima  

                   1900                                     Dinner

                   2100                  Meeting

  1st Oct.                                     0700                                      Breakfast    

                                              0800                                      Practice

                                              0930                             Opening Ceremony

                                              1000                                     Competition 1

                                              1200                                         Lunch     

                                              1300                                    Competition 2                              Tour 1

                                              1900                                Dinner & Free Time

  2nd Oct.                                   0700                                        Breakfast    

                                              0800                                         Practice

                                              0900                                    Competition 1

                                              1200                                         Lunch   

                                              1300                                 Competition 2                                Tour 2               

                                              1800                                 Closing Ceremony

                                              1830                Dinner & Farewell Party & Closing Ceremony

  3rd Oct.                               0700 to 0800                                 Breakfast

                  0800                                      Checkout   

Fukushima Tokyou By BUS

                                                                               Sightseeing in Tokyo                  Tokyo Tour

                                                  1800                                 Pearl Hotel Ryogoku                              Check in

  4th Oct.                                    0700                                         Breakfast

                                                  0800                                 Checkout & To Narita

                                             Afternoon                              Departure at Narita


Registration Forms :
Please download the pdf files perhaps the word files, after fills in then registers!