International Woodball Federation


International Referee:The Hand Signs of the Referee

1.Start to play:

Extend the arm forward and incline downward about 45 degrees, the palm open and the fingers drawn close to each other, pointing to the starting line and at the same time call aloud, “start play”

2. Hand sign of hitting:

Extend the arm upward to the shoulder’s height, palm facing down and the index finger pointing to the direction of the hitter to the gate and moves horizontally several times.

3. Out of bounds:

First with the thumb upward, bend the arm slightly and swing backward from the front over the shoulder to a stop behind the head. Swing several times to show the ball being outside the boundary.


Raise the arm upward and straight closely to the ear and face to the hitter.

5.Time out:

Make a T type with both palms in front of the breast to show “time out”.

6.Through the gate:

Extend the arm straight with the thumb upward and point to the hitter to show the ball he/she hit passing through the gate successfully and to express congratulation and admiration to the hitter.