International Woodball Federation


Woodball Equipment

I. General Principles

  1. Woodball equipment includes three pieces: the ball, the mallet, and the gate.
  2. Only the IWbF certified Woodball Equipment shall be used in Woodball championships. The certificated brands of equipment are subjected to be announced by IWbF annually.

II. Specifications of Equipment

  1. Ball
    • (1) The ball should be a round-shaped sphere made of wood, 9.5±0.2cm in diameter and 350±80g in weight.
    • (2) Numbers and the Woodball emblem can be marked on the ball.
    • (3) The specifications of the ball are shown:
  2. Mallet
    • (1) The mallet is in a T-shaped form. Its gross weight is about 800 grams.
    • (2) The mallet (consisting of a handle and a mallet head) is 85 ± 15cm in length.
    • (3) The mallet head is 21.5±0.5cm in length. Top of mallet head is 3.5±0.1cm in diameter. It is installed with a rubber cushion which measures 6.6±0.2cm in diameter, and 3.8±0.1cm in height. The specifications of the mallet shown as below:
      • a. Mallet

      • b. Mallet head
      • c. Rubber cushion

  3. Gate
    • (1) The gate is in shape with accessories including 1 metal rod, 2 spherical nuts, and two rubber tubes.
    • (2) The gate is formed by 2 bottles as its base pillar fixed to the ground. The width between the 2 gate bottles should be 15±0.5cm, measuring from the inner sides of one gate bottle to another. A gate cup hanging between 2 mallet heads is 5±0.5cm away from the ground.
    • (3) The gate can be equipped with an 1-meter flag pole on top. The specifications of the gate are shown:

    • (4) The specifications of the gate set are shown:
      • a. Gate bottle
      • b. Gate cup
      • c. Metal rod