International Woodball Federation


Historical Innovation

Woodball was invented in 1990 by Mr. Ming-Hui Weng, he just want to build a garden for his father to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful view in the scenic spot Nei-Shuang-His, where situated in Shih-lin, Taipei City. After mowing the weeds of the hillside, he found that there were terraced fields there, which can be developed as an outdoor exercise place.

It flashed through his mind that he could make a good use of this garden by designing it as a ball-playing ground. Under such motive, he was trying to create a ball sport, in which the playing-ball would not fly up (appropriate to be played on the grass ground) and the sport itself should be economic (neither expensive nor large ground), so that he could invite more friends to enjoy the fun of playing ball in the green field. After two years’ experiment and adjustment, the equipment and the regulation of the ball game have emerged finally as they are today.

From that time on, the ball game is officially named Woodball. The reason that Woodball is popular among the different aged people is not only it has well-designed equipment, which includes ball, mallet and gate, but also it is easy to learn and to play. That is also why Woodball has been adopted as one of the physical education courses in some colleges since after that Woodball begin to introduce and develop to other countries.